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Recovery is possible. It Starts Here.

This website is part of an ongoing effort by the St. Charles County Department of Public Health to spread awareness about substance use disorder, provide resources for the community and, ultimately, reduce the rate of opioid use in our area and beyond.

Whether you know someone, give care to someone or struggle with substance use disorder yourself, we’re here for you. And it’s our mission to share the ever-so-real message of possibility.

Substance use disorder is a serious and prevalent issue within the United States. With a death rate of over 67,000, we know we need to provide these resources for our community to help many see a better tomorrow.

It’s possible substance use disorder affects someone you know—a son, a mother, a neighbor, a friend, a coach, maybe it’s affecting you. Today we’re letting you know that there is hope. Around 10% of American adults identify they are in recovery from an alcohol or drug use disorder.

We want everyone in our community who struggles with substance use disorder to have the resources they need. We understand that recovery isn’t a linear process. It can be filled with many challenges and obstacles, but we’re here to help you find and keep your hope as you or someone you know travel toward health and freedom.

It’s possible to recover.

It’s possible to help save lives.

Anything is possible and it starts with you. Together with you and our community, we’ll take on the overdose crisis.

Stigma-reducing Language

To save the lives of others, we need stigma-reducing language. Access a glossary of useful terms to know, highlighting the terms with stigma attached. You can be a part of the solution today by taking a look at the glossary. Together, we can change the way we talk about substance use disorder.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us to submit your resources, share your story or give us feedback on SUD content you’re accessing on this site.